The Ultimate “Website Template”: Why We Use Blueprints Instead

Because most websites don’t clearly communicate the strengths of the company it represents. Period.

December 15, 2017

“Creativity doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.” – Footprints On The Moon

Most websites don’t clearly communicate the strengths of the company it represents. Period.

The above quote beautifully captures the Mission Narrative Blueprint’s reason for existing. Companies, missions, and causes of different stripes are all unique, yet understand the need to not reinvent the wheel. They understand the need to communicate effectively.

Without creative rhythm in your website’s content and design, you risk falling into obscurity. And staying there.

Creative rhythm for content (website template/blueprint)

The wrong way: Starting with a design, that you need to then populate with text. Copy should lead the page, not simply fill boxes. Who is the copy for, anyway, leading the reader or finishing a puzzle?

The right way: Starting with your content, but following a copywriting structure designed to lead visitors toward taking appropriate action. Then wrapping that content with visuals that make the content even more gripping.

Creative rhythm for visuals (website template/blueprint)

The wrong way: Selecting (or creating) a design based on what looks cool or matches your personality. Then filling it up with words based on wherever the design allows words to go.

The right way: Starting with powerful content built around a blueprinted structure designed to create conversions. Then amplifying that message using visuals, imagery, and style. Isn’t that the whole point of design online? To help the communicate the words?

Without rhythm, you risk outlandish costs (time, money, opportunity) with no way of knowing whether or not you’re heading in the right direction.

When we implement and refine blueprints, we’re really implementing what we call “Creative Rhythm”:  unique, strong communication between an organization and its visitors. The blueprint simply gives you confidence that your words will convert since the blueprint will have been tested many times before.

This is how difference makers escape obscurity and make a connection, while also knowing with confidence that their message is heading in the right direction from Day 1.

The challenge is to create a new map (instead of taking somebody else’s map to who-knows-where) and following it in your way. If you do work that matters, escape obscurity and give your work the best chance of success by communicating effectively using the creative rhythm available in an effective website blueprint.

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