“Confidence Sold Separately”: How We Redesigned Website Maintenance Services

A great experience for your audience today is one thing. What about tomorrow? Or six years time?

December 17, 2017

Buying a new Mac is only part of the Apple Store experience.

Six-year-old MacBook repairs and support is another.

It’s the latter that gives us the confidence to do the former.

We applied this principle to BuiltForImpact, by redesigning website maintenance services. How does it compare to the norm?

1. “Fixes” (how website maintenance services address them)

Normal: You’re on your own, hoping your site’s ’upgrades’ don’t break your pages. The site doesn’t age well, with things getting slightly more ‘delicate’ each passing year. Need fixes? They’ll cost you extra. That is if the person who built it is even still around.

BuiltForImpact: If your site needs fixes from glitches–ever–we’ll fix it. For free.

2. “Training & Support” (how website maintenance services address them)

Normal: You’re on your own again. You’re welcome to pay for additional consulting time, tensely trying to learn as much as you can as quickly as you can to keep the costs down. Forgot how something works? Ask again, pay again.

BuiltForImpact: If you get stuck and need a hand, or have a quick question, we’re available by phone and email. And you won’t pay a penny extra for it.

3. “Upgrades” (how website maintenance services address them)

Normal: If you want to freshen up a visual or type style to keep everything feeling current, you’ll have to hire somebody to do that. It could be the original person–if they’re available–or it might be someone new who’ll “leave their mark” all over your site, making it feel like a mishmash of personalities, rather than accurately reflecting the personality of your company.

BuiltForImpact: We probably already reached out to you about it, with upgrades ready to publish. We prefer to upgrade existing BuiltForImpact sites–to wow BuiltForImpact owners–in the hope they’ll tell others like them than advertise to total strangers.

Offering a great experience for your audience today is one thing. Sustaining that great experience for the lifetime of your company is another.

People buy Macs because–aside from being great computers–because confidence isn’t sold separately. You know you’ll be covered, every step of the way.

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