How the BuiltForImpact system helped Jake Cashey sell more products

How Jake used the principles in the BuiltForImpact System to stand out in a crowded market.

You probably have no idea what you’re missing.
– Jake

Adam Fairhead: Hi guys, Adam Fairhead here with Fairhead Creative, Today I’m joined with Jake from Cashey, and we’re going to be talking about how his company has leveled up its communication as an act of service to its customers. Jake, I have five questions for you. Are you ready?

Jake: I’m ready.

Adam Fairhead: Perfect, so question one, what is the company, and what does it do?

Jake: Cashey is a company that sells unique, custom designed iPhone cases that are made with eco-friendly materials, eco-friendly packaging that have really vibrant, unique, colorful designs that really stand out when you take your phone out of your pocket. It’s not like the typical drabber doll cases that you see on most store shelves.

Adam Fairhead: And, you’ve got a bit of a message behind that as well, haven’t you? The heart behind the company?

Jake: Yes, the company’s strapline is, Happiness In Your Hands. The idea is, to spread a little bit of happiness in the world, a little focus on making sure that we’re promoting sustainability and environmental friendliness, and in all of our actions, and the case designs really are targeted at people that may have a sense of fashionability. They’re eager to find something that matches with their personality, and they just sort of show off how beautiful and colorful our could world.

Adam Fairhead: Wonderful. All right, so based on that then, question two, why is good communication important to you?

Jake: It’s critical to be able to communicate successfully with your customer to get your message across so that you stand out in the crowd. That’s the only … I think the only way to be successful is if you really understand how to speak to your customer. What they’re looking for, what their desires are, and how your product, your products, your business is a match for them.

Adam Fairhead: And, getting it understood to them in the way that you understand it, right?

Jake: Yeah, absolutely. As much about you understanding it first before you can really communicate effectively with them, of course.

Adam Fairhead: That’s right. That’s absolutely right. The mission narrative structure that we went through together for Cashey, how has that structure helped you communicate better?

Jake: It has helped me understand my customers, and the message that I’m trying to communicate to them. That’s really a foundation. A foundation that in some sense was missing before going through the exercise. It wasn’t something that I had even thought about, so it’s really foundational to being able to communicate successfully with customers.

Adam Fairhead: And, what does that mean for your audience then?

Jake: It means that they’re going to see a message that resonates with them, that will attract and appeal to them. Hopefully, they’ll stick around. Hopefully, they’ll decide to make a purchase, and hopefully, they’ll come back, and make more purchases, and spend more time engaging with the brand.

Adam Fairhead: And, these precious little ways that are better for making those things happen than clearly understanding who you’re talking to, who you’re advertising to, who you’re trying to connect with or engage with, [inaudible 00:03:16] if you will, and what you need to say to them in order for them to understand it as [inaudible 00:03:22] now do, so that they can move forward and make a purchase. Make a transaction, sign off [inaudible 00:03:26] or whatever.

Jake: Absolutely.
Adam Fairhead: What would you tell or what would you like to tell companies that haven’t yet used this narrative structure?

Jake: Give it a try. You probably have no idea what you’re missing. You don’t know what you don’t know, and no matter how well you might think that you know the essence of your company, your brand, and your customers, it will have you thinking about all of those things in a way that you haven’t before, and you’re sure to uncover some valuable insights going through the process.

Adam Fairhead: Jake, thanks for sharing.

Jake: You’re welcome.

Adam Fairhead: It’s been really, really good to see how, as you’ve gone through this process, just to see how you’ve been communicating better with your customers, deepening the relationships with those you serve, and helping the company grow. Well done.

Jake: Thank you.



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