How the BuiltForImpact system helped Heather Parbst grow her reach

How Heather used the principles in the BuiltForImpact System to scale up her consulting practice.

The process is not just good for marketing, but it’s also really good for business.
– Heather

Adam Fairhead: Hi Guys. Adam Fairhead here with Fairhead Creative and today I’m joined by Heather and we’re going to be going through how using the mission narrative structure has helped her level up her communication as an act of service to her target audiences. So Heather, I have five questions for you. You ready?

Heather: I’m ready.

Adam Fairhead: All right. So question one, who is Heather and what do you do?

Heather: Sure. My name is Heather. I am a consultant. Previous to my current role, I had my own consultancy and I focused on helping smaller businesses, predominantly women owned businesses, scale effectively. Now I do strategic planning, I do transition planning, and still help working with companies to scale effectively.

Adam Fairhead: And as a consultant working hand in hand with executives, C level people in organizations and such, how have you found, in your line of work, good communication to be important?

Heather: It’s critical, and for many reasons, one of the biggest is that when you’re dealing with any target audience, I think you have to be able to connect with them in a way that they can hear you. You have to be able to have a message that resonates with them, that gives them precisely the information that they need. No more and no less. So for me it’s been a huge piece of my success, I guess, has been really making sure that my messaging is clear and my story is clear.

Adam Fairhead: Has that won anything from having good communication versus bad communication? Have you noticed any differences it’s created for you once you level up your communication?

Heather: Yeah, absolutely. So specifically to my website, what I noticed from that, once I used the mission narrative structure and revamped that the quality of prospects improved dramatically. The number of bad prospects or people that just weren’t a really good fit for me decreased. I got less calls from them and the people that were reaching out to me really had been able to because of the messaging that I had been using, because of how I had structured my story. They were often ready to buy by the time they actually reached me. They had gotten the information that they needed. So in that respect, I would say it’s definitely helped quite a bit.

Adam Fairhead: So it’s helped you a lot then to be able to communicate much more effectively, and precisely, and emotively, and empathically to the right people. How do you feel it’s helped them?

Heather: Well, it took the guesswork out of it for them. There’s a lot of noise out there and it’s very hard. I think it’s become quite hard for people to filter through all of that. There’s just so many different angles that people come at with stuff and it’s just a lot of people use kind of like a, just throw stuff out and see what sticks. So we’re pummeled with all of that and so to be able to give them a very clear, very concise, very precise message that helps them see that you fully understand their problem, I think has been very helpful for them.

It’s really good for building confidence in your services  and seeing clearly how it’s benefiting the world. And I think that most companies and organizations won’t go through a process like this, and from a competitive advantage that’s huge for you.

Heather: So they don’t have to second guess and try to figure it out, does this person really understand what I need? It’s clear. From the beginning, it’s clear. Okay, they get me, they understand the problem. And that was another thing I wanted to say a minute ago that was very helpful for me and for them, going through this process really helped me not just get clear on what I wanted to share with my prospects, but it also helped me better understand their problem. So I was then able to go back and even restructure and redesign the services that I was offering a little bit so that it better fit their needs.

Adam Fairhead: Brilliant. And it helps the right people, it sounds like it’s helping the right people move forward quite readily.

Heather: Yes.

Adam Fairhead: And it’s helping the people who aren’t a good fit sort of disqualify themselves.

Heather: Right. Which saves both of us time.

Adam Fairhead: Yeah, absolutely. We find that a lot of people who are considering communicating better and using a system such as the mission narrative process, there’s a bit of fear in possibly turning some people away with that specificity. How did you tackle the nerves of being able to speak so confidently to a certain body of people that, to others you’re saying, hmm, it’s not for you. This isn’t for you because it isn’t a good fit.

Heather: Well, it was a little scary. I totally get and resonate with that. You don’t want to turn people away that really would be good fits for you. It was just a risk I was willing to take because I was getting a lot of the wrong types of clientele and it really just pays off because that clarity, people really resonate with that. They want that. They want to know that you know exactly the type of person, or the type of company, or whatever that you want to work with. Or you know exactly who’s going to benefit from your product. They, I think, really gravitate to that confidence of you being able to say no to a client that’s not a good fit. So it is a little scary and I would still definitely encourage organizations to take that risk because I think they’re really going to see it pay off.

Adam Fairhead: And that confidence is contagious, isn’t it?

Heather: Yes.

Adam Fairhead: It extends to the prospect or the visitor.

Heather: Right. Or in my case, that confidence was actually seen by another consulting firm who was so impressed with my website and so impressed with how I had positioned myself that they ended up coming to me and offering me a position with their company, which ended up being a fabulous position working with the types of people that I wanted to work with. They mentioned multiple times that one of the reasons that I really stood out to them was the quality of my website and the quality of my messaging.

Adam Fairhead: That’s wonderful. Last question for you then Heather. What would you like to tell companies or entrepreneurs who haven’t yet used this narrative structure?

Heather: I would say that going through the process is not going to just be good for marketing, but it’s also really good for your business. Like I said a moment ago, it’s really good for building confidence in your services  and seeing clearly how it’s benefiting the world. And I think that most companies and organizations won’t go through a process like this, and from a competitive advantage that’s huge for you. It really gives you a competitive edge and allows you to stand out from the noise and from a higher level perspective, it just really allows you to reach the people that most need and want your services or your products.

Heather: So for that reason, I think if you looked at nothing else, just the fact that you’ll be able to have a greater impact, I would highly recommend the process.

Adam Fairhead: Heather, you are a star. Well done for what you’ve done and managed to achieve with the process. Thanks for sharing.

Heather: Thank you.



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