How the BuiltForImpact system helped Emily grow her service business

How Emily used the principles in the BuiltForImpact System to scale up her service business.

Going through the process is really important to figure out how to get what’s in your head onto what’s on a website and into the business and how you’re gonna communicate.
– Emily

Adam Fairhead: Hi, guys. Adam Fairhead here, with Fairhead Creative. And today I’m joined by Emily, from Back Office Betties. And we’re gonna be talking about how her company has leveled up its communication as an active service to its customers. So Emily, I have six questions for you. You ready?

Emily: I’m ready.

Adam Fairhead: So question one: what is the company and what does it do?

Emily: Back Office Betties is a boutique virtual receptionist company that serves law firms across the U.S. and Canada.

Adam Fairhead: How long have you been at it?

Emily: Since 2014.

Adam Fairhead: Nice. And why is good communication important to you?

Emily: Well, in our business, our business is communication, so communicating with our end users, but also it’s important to have a clear message, even from start to finish to attract the right clients and make sure that our messaging and our communicating is always speaking to our ideal client at all times.

Adam Fairhead: Right. It’s the core wheelhouse of the work that you do. The better you communicate, the better all of your clients benefit, whether they’re prospects or they’re signed up with you.

Emily: Absolutely.

Adam Fairhead: Well, we have been working through the mission narrative structure together. How has the mission narrative structure? How do you communicate better?

Emily: It is work, so I will say it was challenging at first to figure out, you know, I think as a business owner, we get this idea of what things look like in our heads. I felt like, “Oh, I know it 100% I know who we are and how we communicate and what we stand for.” But then when you ask me to articulate it, I felt stuck on stupid. I couldn’t articulate it very well, so I think just going through the process of learning how to articulate your brand position and how we wanna communicate as a company is a really valuable process.

Adam Fairhead: Right, absolutely. And that’s something that’s beneficial for your prospects as well as your audience I should imagine, right?

Emily: It has, and it’s been beneficial internally because as time has gone on, I’ve just become more and more committed to making sure that every piece of communication, whether it’s a visual or a written communication or verbal, that everything the message is always the same. So I even just rolled out to my team this week, here’s our internal brand guidelines. You don’t communicate to a client if it’s not in this font, using these colors. That kind of a thing that if someone looks at it without even reading the words, they should know that’s Back Office Betties.

Adam Fairhead: Right, absolutely. So it’s benefiting the team, and it’s benefiting clients because you’re able to communicate consistently and know what to say.

Emily: Absolutely.

Adam Fairhead: How is benefiting your audience by way of prospects?

Emily: If you imagine standing on Times Square and there’s this huge intersection of prospects, there’s people everywhere and you just yell out, “Hey, you,” you’ll probably have a few heads turn. But now that we’ve gotten very clear on our communication and our messaging, we’re saying, “Hey, Tom Smith,” and only one person is turning around. So that’s really what we want, that we want it so defined that we know exactly who we’re talking to.

Adam Fairhead: You know who to communicate and who not to communicate, and by not trying to speak everybody, you’re really getting the attention of the right people.

Emily: Yup.

Adam Fairhead: So how has your built for impact sites benefited your business then?

Emily: On that, I think it’s really unified the way our brand looks and feels to people, and it captures our personality. And then some of the other things that are beneficial that we didn’t have before are calls to action, the ability to offer e-books, things that people can download and opt-ins that we didn’t have before. Those are all things that have helped elevate us and it’s not like you roll out this site and all of a sudden a hundred people opt in, but just over time, the audience is building and people start to mention things from the website. And I think that’s where the value is.

Adam Fairhead: So you’re getting all of the John Smiths at Times Square opting into the site.

Emily: Yes. Exactly.

Adam Fairhead: Wonderful. So, what would you tell companies that haven’t yet used this narrative structure about this narrative structure, about its utility or its value or what have you?

Emily: First, prepare to do the work because in my mind, you hire a web developer and you tell them, “I wanna website, make it beautiful.” And they come back and they deliver you this package, but if you can’t articulate, and that was a challenge for me is trying to articulate who is our brand? Who are we looking to speak to? Is it Tom Smith or is it Johnny Brown? Who is it? So going through that process is really important to figure out how to get what’s in your head onto what’s on a website and into the business and how you’re gonna communicate.

Adam Fairhead: Absolutely. Well Emily, thank you for sharing your journey to communicate better with your customers, to deepen your relationship with those you serve and to scale up your business sustainably. Thanks very much.

Emily: My pleasure.



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