How the BuiltForImpact system helped Arnaud grow multiple businesses

How Arnaud used the BuiltForImpact System to stand out and multiply profits in saturated markets.

We definitely saw times and times over the match between such message and the audience that was reacting very positively to it.
– Arnaud

Adam: Hi guys, Adam Fairhead here with the Head Creative, and today I’m joined by Arnaud, and we’re going to be talking briefly about how using the mission narrative structure has helped a company under his care level up their communication skills as an act of service to their target audiences. So

Arnaud, I have six questions for you. You ready?

Arnaud: Yeah, I’m ready.

Adam: Alright. So question one, who is Arnaud, and what do you do?

Arnaud: So I’m an entrepreneur, I’m helping companies finding their right messaging and finding their way in the commerce sector. Also, creating other type of companies in the social environment. But that’s my purpose, to help others to grow.

Adam: Perfect. And why is good communication important to you?

Arnaud: Well in the end, if you have … You’re convinced about the concept or you have an amazing product which I’m sure your audience has, if you do not match that product with the actual audience that is wanting that, you definitely end up with nothing. So it is very important to have a total coherent message across all the different touch points with the audience you’re looking after to be able to communicate the right values, the right value proposition, the right user proposition to this audience. And then they all of a sudden magically want to buy the service or product.

Adam: Do you find that you find in your line of work, do you see a lot of companies making this mistake?

Arnaud: Yeah, unfortunately we tend to believe that it is easier to put the cart before the horses for some un-logical reason. Maybe it’s our wishes, but just the last company I was in contact with, they are believing that they’re gonna be able to sell before they actually have a communication strategy and a digital strategy that makes sense. And so and then they would make money. So it’s kind of a … What we’re seeing is when you have the right branding and communication strategy then it’s easier, it’s a lot easier to grow from there and even if we wait a little bit longer, the end result is gonna be a lot bigger. So yeah, totally.

Adam: That’s exactly right. How have you seen the mission narrative structure specifically help companies communicate better in the way that you’ve described?

Arnaud: I think what is interesting is that you have structured very well the finding and therefore the wording of what the core message should be, so the core message of the brand, the core message of the products, potentially. And therefore it is an easy process to fill in these forms and then you guys to figure out what is the right writing and the right messaging going along with it. And even if it’s something that needs to be done with care, the end result is amazing. And we saw a match very quickly with data which is the important part right, because we always put some fluffy words but might not be aligned with anything. But we definitely saw times and times over the match between such message and the audience that was reacting very positively to it.

Adam: And that leads into the fourth question really doesn’t it of what has that meant for their audience? So the companies that use this process, this structure, this philosophy, what does that mean for their audience?

Arnaud: I mean, it means that … So from the audience standpoint, it means that they have found the holy grail, they are super happy because they’ve really found the brand that is talking to them and talking to their concerns or needs. So that’s already an amazing first point, which leads obviously to sales, there’s no question about that. From the company’s standpoint, it leads to more and more engagement, and when I say more and more it’s basically from a very cold first visit, it grows on and then the person is getting more and more engaged, therefore it becomes potentially a fan and then you’ve got a recurrent purchase happening super easily. So it’s using the beauty of digital to help a person match the company’s offer to the audience needs, and magically make sales happen and create a relationship that could last many many years from then on.

Adam: That’s absolutely it. And that’s the hope of the mission narrative structure is to build that report, that connection with people so that these sorts of results can take place. My fifth question for you Arnaud is how have you seen the built for impact system compound the effectiveness of this narrative structure?

Arnaud: I think the first, on top of what I said, the implementation is not just in the wording but it’s also in the visual, your team is brilliant at that as well, where they are able to translate these core values into words and visuals that make sense and that are coherent. And therefore across also different type of channels or medium meaning ads and emails and the website and so on. So there is a core logic around all that and all these touch points to again, foster more and more engagement as the individual that is behind the computer is actually interacting with the properties of the company. So that’s what the BFI is about as well.

Adam: And that differs quite significantly from perhaps what we might traditionally call a website, we usually encounter as a web experience doesn’t it?

Arnaud: Yeah, exactly.

Adam: Brilliant. So last question, what would you like to tell companies and entrepreneurs who haven’t yet used this narrative structure?

Arnaud: Jump on it. I mean, it is an amazing occasion to … Well if you already have a business, you might want to re-look at it on how you can optimize or have access to new audiences you never thought about that could bring you the uptake or the uptake you’re looking in your revenue. If you are starting from scratch, it’s an amazing opportunity to actually have an effortless discovery of which audience are going to be your first and second buyers. And that is priceless. And that should be in the book of any startup that is looking to make a difference with their products really.

Adam: That’s brilliant. Arnaud, you’re a star mate thank you for sharing.

Arnaud: Thank you.



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