One-Page (Website) To Lead Them All

How using a “one-page website” is better for presenting you and your business as a leader in your space, and why.

December 14, 2017

“Every tribe leader I’ve met shares one thing: the decision to lead.” – Tribes

Leaders create movement through communication. No communication, no movement. No movement, no conversions. Why leave communication to chance? How does a “one-page website” address help leaders communicate better?

1. Communication on a one-page website

The formula our creative team uses is “One type of visitor + one type of problem = one-page website.” For every group of people, combined with a particular problem, comes a new page. Because there’s a totally new message, painted in a totally new light.

When you address your tribe (of customers, prospects, patients, subscribers, doesn’t matter) in this way, you create a closed-door scenario where it’s just you, and them, going deep together.

2. Movement through the site

One type of need + one-page website = one path forward. When you isolate the problem and make it genuinely easier to move forward than backward, you drastically increase the likelihood of people choosing ‘forward’. The temptation to collect “just a little more information” is lovingly removed.

Unless, of course, there’s a genuine question or concern. In the mission narrative blueprint, we recommend using a blog as a living FAQ for visitors and, with each response, reconnecting them with that ‘one path forward’.

3. Conversion on the site

I wouldn’t buy a book that sells in eight individual pieces, with no indication of which is for me, or what order they’re supposed to go in…where each ‘volume’ has no point, and where must write my own conclusion. That’s how most people make websites, though, isn’t it?

But when there’s a book written for people like me, with a great story, solid structure, and by an author who leads me to become a better version of myself, I usually buy it.

At least, I’ll give them the opportunity to communicate and try to make some movement happen. We miss this opportunity when we make people click around attempting to piece your story together all by themselves. Will they figure it out? Are you sure?

You have a brand new opportunity each time you create one page, designed to create movement with communication for your target reader. When you lead your tribe using communication, to make a movement, to lead them forward. Will you?

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