How “Find a business coach” turned into ImpactCoaching

How we assure transformation for business leaders with the BuiltForImpact system.

December 20, 2017

“Without a coach, people will never reach their maximum capabilities” – Bob Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot

When mission-driven leaders explore BuiltForImpact for the first time, it’s because they realized how more effective communication with their audience could transform their organizations. They’re not usually trying to find a business coach.

We call BuiltForImpact an “experience” because what happens to the leader as they transform their organization is as important as the transformation itself.

Here are the 3 key lessons they learn:

1. Build for where you’re going, not for where you are

If your family were to expect twins, would you put a deposit down to live in a 2-1?

This is what many business leaders do with their business investments. While the growth they want for their team and the causes they support drives them, the decisions they make don’t always reflect the trajectory they need to get there.

Their ImpactCoaching sessions help get them clear on a straight-line path to where they want to go.

2. Your current language is not good enough

Stop: Imagine your perfect prospect appeared right before your eyes…what do you say? Well?

Poof, they’re gone again.

There’s no magic: this happens online all the time. Except most businesses struggle to communicate clearly, succinctly, effectively, powerfully, from a place of leadership and service.

Their ImpactCoaching sessions help get them clear on what those words should be.

3. The difference between Tunnel vision vs Funnel vision

Almost everyone in your field does the same thing, in the same way, with the same approach. Every industry has this problem.

Many leaders aren’t aware of the four impact areas to nix Tunnel vision: Strategy, Marketing, Innovation (the ability to bring meaningful benefit to market in ways your market will crave, exclusive to you), and Management (systems and opportunity).

Their ImpactCoaching session prepares them for the strategy, marketing, innovation, and management available in BuiltForImpact.

“Find a business coach that takes you where you want to go.”

This was the prevailing advice we gave. But there wasn’t enough clear, actionable, goal-driven coaching to prepare people for what happens in BuiltForImpact to fully achieve the transformation available to them. That’s why we created ImpactCoaching: to assure that transformation.

There’s a free ImpactCoaching session available with the attendance of the Meaningful Marketing Masterclass (also free) below.

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Your next step is to attend our masterclass: What Leading Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs & NonProfits Know About Online Marketing That You Don’t (Yet) This free masterclass shows you the proven 3-page framework to communicate online more effectively and earn more (easier) sales.

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About 60 minutes

During This Free Training, You Will Learn:

1.How to finally get crystal-clear on…

  • Who (specifically) you're speaking to in the marketplace,
  • What (specifically) they want to hear from you (it’s unlikely to be what you expected),
  • How (specifically) to get them to take action (right now, not weeks from now).

2.The secret weapon purpose-driven entrepreneurs use…

  • How to identify your #1 marketing asset (it’s been under your nose the entire time),
  • How to use that asset to instantly boost your business sales and signups,
  • How–once you make this change–sales will be easier than ever.

3.The best-practices these entrepreneurs use to apply these lessons…

  • The best of their teachings, decoded and distilled into 2 worksheet blueprints,
  • How you can apply each and every part of the blueprint in your business.
  • Finally communicate with clarity, being quickly understood by the marketplace.

4.60 minute 1-on-1 ImpactCoaching deep-dive into the first worksheet

  • Private consult with one of our trained coaches, dedicated to you for up to an hour.
  • Work through your answers and dig even deeper with the help of your coach.
  • Create total clarity over the answers you were looking for in the worksheet.
$300 FREE

5.A full digital copy of our new book on communication mastery.

  • First in line to receive your free copy of the Meaningful Marketing book.
  • Covers Masterclass content in even more detail, so you can share it with your team.
  • All tools and resources that come with the book will be given to you for free.
$7.99 FREE
“Ideas I never would have thought of”

I took this session to help me hone my message to sell books. They did an A+ job coaching me, giving me marketing ideas I never would have thought of. The best coaching session I've ever had!!!

“500% return on advertising”

They put their clients before self-service which I’m yet to experience anywhere else. I can trust these guys to do whatever it takes to make me move forward. I have 3-5X ROI and +269.2% conversions from these principles.


This is exceptional. You created something that resonated with me on a deep, personal level. It’s helped me solidify my vision and communicate more clearly.

“Brings my ideas to life”

These strategies bring levels of engagement for my company that we didn’t have before. It brings my ideas to life and engages my visitors.