Email Automation Tools & Processes: “What Happens After They Opt In?”

How we use email automation tools & processes to move them from opt-in to confident sale.

December 18, 2017

“The more you do, the harder you work, the luckier you seem to get” – Perennial Seller

Getting someone to opt-in on your website is like getting someone to walk into your physical retail store. They’ve given you their attention. Now the work begins.

1. “Awareness” using email automation tools

The first part of your post-opt-in system (the system that occurs once somebody has opted-in) should increase the awareness your prospect needs in order to make a buying decision. They’ll never be as clear as you are about why they need what you have…to begin with. For instance:

Practically: Your opt-in will deliver an asset that will give them this awareness. Here are some example assets:

This is only a partial list. A full discovery list is coming soon as a downloadable.

2. “Evaluation” using email automation processes

Once your visitors have an intimate awareness of their situation, their next step is to evaluate which route they should take.

This is normally when companies release their visitors to do some independent research. Don’t do that: this is another opportunity to serve them.

For example: if a company evaluates a BuiltForImpact site, we’re happy to present to them a list of alternative methods of solving their problem. We lead the evaluation process.

This comes with a subtle benefit: if you set the buying criteria, you’re most likely to meet that criterion.

3. “Conversion” using email automation processes

Next comes conversion. Once they’re intimately aware of their need, and they’ve seen that you’re the best choice for them, you have one last job:

Make sure they’re right.

If you don’t genuinely believe you’re the best fit for them, do not allow them to convert. Instead, direct them to the best fit for them. True, this may turn them into a powerful referral partner. But the biggest benefit is this: raving evangelical customers and clients, who will carry your reputation into the marketplace.

Every BuiltForImpact site comes with the necessary email automation tools & processes for doing all of this. We’ve negotiated a discounted rate with ActiveCampaign, a major email automation tools system, and integrated it with your website. This is implemented in two stages:

The base system delivers awareness, then connects you with the prospect. This is what all BuiltForImpact sites are delivered with.

Abstract too early, and you’ll learn nothing. Have the wrong system in play, and you learn nothing.

Once you’ve used your BuiltForImpact site to generate many new customers and clients, you’ll have the luxury of moving to stage two: automating your manual activities.

They’re ready to “enter your world”. Are you ready to serve them?

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