Are You A “Difference Maker”? Let’s Find Out In 3 Questions.

“Every risk is worth taking as long as its for a good cause, and contributes to a good life.” – Richard Branson

We often hear difference makers asking whether or not they are, in fact, difference makers.

Perhaps you’re asking yourself the question right now…”Am I a difference maker?”

We use 3 questions to find out the answer. If you answer No to any one of them, there’s an invitation at the end of this post for you to strongly consider accepting.

Okay: how do we define a ‘difference maker’?

1. They’re Entrepreneurial.

Whether ‘Entrepreneurial’ (leading the vision) or ‘Intrepreneurial’ (leading parts of the vision), they frequently find themselves asking, “How can I add more value?” and, “How can I improve the experience?”

In contrast, proprietors never ask themselves these questions.

2. They’re solving a problem.

Running a bakery because bakeries are popular on your street, isn’t solving a problem.

Running a bakery because you’d like to support the homeless community by having every five sandwich sales contribute one free sandwich to someone who can’t afford one… that’s solving a problem.

3. Your beneficiaries and benefactors are different people.

Who reaps the rewards of your work? If it’s just your team (paid to contribute), your shareholders (paid to contribute) and your customers (paid to receive), then nobody benefits who wasn’t actively contributing to the work.

In the previous example, the neighborhood homeless community is a beneficiary who didn’t actively contribute to the work.

If you answered “Yes” to all three questions, you’re a difference maker, and you’ve found your way into an ecosystem of leverage and support for people just like you.

If you did not answer “Yes” to all three questions, allow me to challenge you: why not? I invite you to consider how your organization could incorporate all three of these points above so that you too can make an impact on your market, community, industry or cause.

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