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Is Your Website
Built for Impact?

Make your visitors feel as strongly about your product, mission or
movement as you do.
Then make them do something about it.

See if it's for you

Every BuiltForImpact site funds the fight against human traficking
Every BuiltForImpact site funds the fight against human traficking

Your company was founded
on an ideal, not a product.

Yet somewhere along the way, your marketing became more about product features than your mission. You started convincing instead of convicting. Selling, not serving. Worrying about transactions, not impact.

BuiltForImpact sites exist to help companies
and individuals win the hearts of their web
visitors with meaningful marketing that works.

(And you're looking at one right now)

A new kind of website What makes a site
built for impact?

1A fast, focused one-page distillation of
your company’s mission & product offer.

You have an average of 15 seconds × What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong… If you’re an average reader, I’ve got your attention for 15 seconds, so here goes… Spurred by new technology and plummeting click-through rates, what happens between the clicks is becoming increasingly important and the media world is scrambling to adapt. to convince each new site visitor to hear you out. Most × Bounce Rate Demystified (Infographic) websites don't manage it.

People are emotional beings: this page must use your mission to disarm buyer defenses, enrolling prospects with consensus rather than hesitation.

2A deliberate, concentrated focus on
ethical, effective lead generation.

The best websites exist to motivate and serve their visitors. It’s about their journey with themselves, not your journey with them. Most × Tell a Meaningful Story With Data …Aaker surmises that the future of storytelling incorporates both, stating, "When data and stories are used together, they resonate with audiences on both an intellectual and emotional level."… we can create meaningful stories that influence and engage the audience on both an emotional and logical level. websites don’t do this.

An effective website with an effective design & message will make the problems you solve, the opportunities you create, and the advantage you offer both obvious and desirable.

3Fast creation, fast load times, fast
results from your target audience.

47% × Great Expectations 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. 40% abandon websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. 79% of shoppers who are a dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to buy from same site again. 52% of online shoppers state that quick page loading is important to their site loyalty. As little as 1 second of delay decreases customer satisfaction by about 16% - every second counts. 44% of online shoppers will tell their friends about a bad experience online. of visitors expect sites to load under 2 seconds. 40% leave by the 3rd. 75% of sites take longer than this.

Every BuiltForImpact site is custom-coded to load in under 2 seconds, immediately making your new site one of the fastest online. And because BuiltForImpact sites are delivered in as little as 14 working days, they’re fast in every sense.

Who is Built For Impact For?

Ideal for...

  • Positioning yourself as a change agent
  • Getting signups before/during/after launching products/services
  • Communicating with visitors at a deeper level than your competitors
  • Companies, brands & events with a clear underlying purpose

But not ideal for...

  • Companies serving multiple audiences (but inexplicably want to address them all in the same site experience)
  • Companies without clarity over their core message, so must use multiple lower-value pages to get the message across.
  • Companies without an underlying reason or mission behind their business.

I had no idea that I would be getting so much more than just a new site. Tremendously benefited my business & the way I see my role in my industry.

Sivani B. Entrepreneur, San Francisco, CA

The smartest I've ever worked with. If you need someone who truly thinks through problems and helps websites grow, look no further.

Introducing the 10 Step Mission Narrative: The Blueprint For Transforming Your
Sales & Accelerating Social Impact

1Pattern Interrupt & Mission.

To start, we interrupt × Methods of neuro-linguistic programming …a pseudoscience which teaches that people are only able to perceive a small part of the world using their conscious awareness, and that this view of the world is filtered by experience, beliefs, values, assumptions, and biological sensory systems. NLP argues that people act and feel based on their perception of the world rather than the real world.… visitors from any expectation of a “sales pitch”, allowing them to embrace your message without hesitation or reservation. We then channel that attention directly into an emotional hook: your company’s mission.

This increases decision making ability by as much as 42% × Methods of neuro-linguistic programming …This conclusion is backed by a 2011 study based on subjects selecting the best used car from a selection of four cars. Each car was rated in four different categories (such as gas mileage). But one car clearly had the best attributes. In this “easy” situation with only four variables, the conscious deciders were 15% better at choosing the best car than the unconscious deciders. When the researchers made the decision more complex – ratcheting the number of variables up to 12 — unconscious deciders were 42% better than conscious deciders at selecting the best car. Many other studies have shown how our conscious minds become overloaded by too much information..… , increasing the chance they'll respond to your vision of the world.

2Clarifying, indoctrinating description.

Marketing is like cholesterol...there's good and bad. The best websites exist to fascinate and serve their visitors. The rest don’t, needlessly turning away 46% of their visitors.

An effective website with an effective design & message will make the problems you solve, the opportunities you create and the advantage you offer both obvious and desirable.

3Proof of Impact.

We’ve made a claim, and now we must prove it. Show, don’t tell. This is where your endorsements, testimonials and reviews come into play, boosting engagement drastically. Demonstrating your proof of impact will further qualify and validate your description above.

4Define the Problem.

At this stage, we should be on the same page as your visitors. They get the mission, they get what you do, and they’ve seen validation of your legitimacy and quality.

It’s here that you’ll explore the fundamental problem your offer exists to solve, showing your visitors the intensity of the problem.

5Show the Solution.

With a better understanding of the problem, the perceived-value of your proposed solution increases.

Here, you have the opportunity to set the criteria for what the ideal solution to the problem should look like, and why.

6Offer the Product/Service.

Now that the criteria for an ideal solution is clearly defined, we can seamlessly segue to your solution. No “hard sell”, no “marketing hacks”, just an honest account of how your solution responds perfectly to the criteria any ideal solution must adhere to.

7The mission.

Because your product offer is an expression of your company’s mission, further cementing your position of leadership in your market requires you to dedicate a moment to that mission.

Remember, we’re selling mission impact, not products or services. By clearly expressing that here, your product becomes both a solution to a problem, and a way of saying, “this is what I believe, too.”


This is where we must make it easier to proceed with you than not. For instance, here we offer an Online Marketing Diagnosis, free. It will qualify or disqualify you from purchasing a BuiltForImpact site. In either case, it will provide so many actionable, valuable insights, that it would make no sense at all for you to leave without it.

9Supporting content.

No matter how easy an enrollment is, there's unlikely to be a 100% conversion rate! As a result, we further validate your expertise by connecting them expert insights, and educational responses to questions and concerns your visitors have.

Existing customers will also benefit from this content: it's your responsibility to be a leader in your industry to them, and to be seen as one by lavishing upon them with knowledge, content, offers and training.

10Certification, endorsement, social share.

To wrap up the page, we append more endorsements and seals of expertise to further demonstrate your authority and expertise. We couple this with the ability to share your page with the social web, so that engaged visitors can become your advocates.

Download This Blueprint

Hands down, the best working relationship we ever had. I can't even imagine ever using anybody else.

Brandon A. Advertising, ZURB Inc.

When we tried Fairhead Creative, our conversion doubled: it was the highest ROI on anything we ever spent.

Is it right for you?

Make your visitors feel as strongly about your product, mission or movement as you do. Then make them do something about it.

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Lifetime warranty.

BuiltForImpact code is meticulously hand-written to never break or 'glitch'. If you ever have problems, we'll go in and fix it. For free.

Powered by ImmersionEngine.

Our properietary ImmersionEngine platform is designed specifically to make the type of experience you'll find on a BuiltForImpact site possible.

Always in the loop.

Our team will check in with you for after every step in the creation process, so that you're always totally clear on how things are progressing.

Why We Do This

Behind every social-conscious business, there lies a dream. One of a better future for its community, industry or market.

Why do so many of these companies marginalize themselves by trying focusing merely on transactions? Or on “hacking” their way into skeptic wallets? Or quietly “hoping” their website will make the phone ring or the inbox ding?

There has to be a better way.

A way that sells the mission, as well as the product, so that visitors buy you.
Poof, no more competition.

A way that recognizes that busy people spend mere seconds on a website: and makes the most of them.

A way that shows off the company’s best stories, rather than hiding them in an
oft-forgotten “blog archive”.

We created BuiltForImpact because we believe that people trying to make a
difference in their market deserve a website worthy of their vision, that sells without
selling out,and never goes down.


Great job in bringing a personality to our website. They really care about how users react and respond, and really enjoy their work - it was fun working with them.

Mohit L. CEO. San Francisco CA

They have an innate ability to empathize for the end-user and design with thoughtful purpose that evokes real emotion. The real deal.

14 Days To Your New Site

Creating a website BuiltForImpact is a 10 step process that takes you from a mission
without a website, to creating sales and impact online. Here's how it works:

  1. 1


    We’ll begin by discussing the onboarding questions you’ll have answered. By the end of this call you will have total clarity over the steps below, before we get started.

    You will receive a Roadmapping Session after we collect all required assets.


    We will begin by researching your competitors & your market. We'll finish with a clear understanding of the opportunities available to us for Step 3.

  3. 2


    We'll begin with a team-wide divergent exploration addressing available options for creating your site. We'll finish by refining the list down to a concise list of winning options

  4. 3


    The team will come together and discuss the winning ideas from Step 3, turning them into a unified plan. We'll use this plan to fulfill steps 5-8.

    We will have a check-in call together on Day 3 before proceeding to Step 5.

  5. 4


    This step creates your initial site content based on the plan from Step 4. Content is finished during Step 6, so that the content can 'settle into' the finished design.

  6. 6


    Now everything starts coming to life. In the previous steps, we created content and established a site plan. Step 6 uses that plan to create the full visual design. We finish this step with a design that elevates the content's message, reflecting the winning site opportunities chosen in Step 3.

    We will have a check-in call before proceeding to Step 7.

  7. 10


    Here we implement the blueprints for leading your site's visitors into customers using email automation. We finish this step once the system has been implemented and ready for Step 8.

  8. 11


    Development begins with the plan established in Step 4. Once development is complete, we do a thorough test of all code, resolve any issues, and deploy it to your web server.

  9. 14


    Begin with your new website, fully built, ready for thorough testing.

    Finish with a battle-tested website, deployed and live online.


    Once your website has been launched, we'll have a conversation with you about what we've achieved together, and how we can leverage this work further.

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  12. 13
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They have an innate ability to empathize for the end-user and design with thoughtful purpose that evokes real emotion. The real deal.

A percentage of everything our clients invest in us goes straight to fighting human trafficking.

It's the fastest growing crime in the world. Together, we can make a difference.

Adam Fairhead, Fairhead Group
Adam Fairhead

Common questions

What makes these sites "built for impact" more than any other site?

Websites that are BuiltForImpact use a cause-driven blueprint, implemented by a tight-knit team of copywriters, designers and developers, focused exclusively upon this type of website.

Each site is remarkable: they create remarks, from everyone who experiences them, thanks to their careful story-telling, compelling offers and immersive experience design.

There really is nothing else like it.

Should I be considering a BuiltForImpact site or is it not for us?

The best way to find out is fill out the questions at the bottom of this page!

Do I have to find a webhost for BuiltForImpact?

Your BuiltForImpact site will be hosted and maintained on our BuiltForImpact platform. This will take care of your site, your email systems, and even an on-demand concierge service to help you manage your content in the future. All standard.

How do I qualify for a BuiltForImpact site?

The best way to find out is fill out the questions at the bottom of this page!

What if I want ongoing additions or edits afterwards?

Beyond the editor you'll already have access to as standard, we'll be available to help you create future modifications to your site. We also routinely update, refine and optimize BuiltForImpact websites for our clients, at no cost to them: our progress is our gift to you.

What if I want other pages and features too?

You'll benefit from access to extra, highly-immersive subpages, ongoing optimizations, sophisticated email marketing systems and even traffic generation, as a BuiltForImpact owner.

Should your website be BuiltForImpact?

What you'll learn in your quiz results:

  • Why your site doesn't truly represent you. Yet.
  • How your site could be generating more revenue.
  • How to clearly communicate your purpose.
  • Why your visitors aren't reading your content.
  • What your options are for solving these things.

Also included with your quiz results:

Online marketing diagnosis