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Prospects don't know your unique value. Discover how to captivate visitors on your website, and get them to take action.

You’re up against the clock

15 seconds...

…before a prospect forms an opinion about you - from your website alone.

Unfair? Not really, it’s an opportunity.
Most websites don't make the cut. That's why we created BuiltForImpact: a focused, one-page distillation of your company's message with a deliberate, concentrated focus on ethical, effective leadgen/sales. SEO-optimized, blog-ready, with a lifetime warranty & money-back guarantees.

Most companies blend in.

And when you're lost in the crowd, attracting your ideal prospects is no better than treading water.

You already know that what you do is important. And that you are unique, one of a kind. It's communicating your difference that's a struggle.


What does it take to stand out?

Successful organizations know who they’re talking to, and what to say to them, to get them to take action.

If your organization did this at a higher level, how much more impact could you make? How many more people could you serve? Your website simply needs to make better use of those 15 critical seconds.

What is Built For Impact?

BuiltForImpact is a focused one-page online distillation of your message with a concentrated focus on ethical, effective sales.

Add as many posts and pages as you like, and extend it with our marketplace of add-ons. Lifetime maintenance, free to get started. And if your audience doesn’t like it better than your old site, it’s free.

Attracting Your Best Customers

Whether you’re networking, pitching, presenting, selling, or being introduced, if you’re talking to the wrong people, you’re wasting your time.
In this step, we use a 3-step worksheet to distill your site’s target audience into one–or two–key demographics to focus on with your narrative.

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Mastering Your Message

Once we know precisely who we’re talking to with your website, we need to know what to say to them that will get the maximum clarity, engagement, and response.

In this step, we use a 10-step worksheet to uncover the narrative we’ll use in the rest of the process.

Strategic Planning

We take the clarity from the first section and turn it into a full plan of attack for your new website.

We dive into your company data, we dive into your competitors and your market so that we know exactly what opportunities are available to us.

Once we’ve explored the different directions we could take, we refine the winning opportunities into a single, unified action plan that we’ll use for the rest of the process.

This entire stage is covered by a money-back guarantee, just to give you complete confidence.

Narrative Writing

The best strategy or design in the world won’t save bad content. If the words don’t hook and engage the visitor, the visitor leaves.

In this step, we express the communication strategy defined in the ‘Attract Your Best Customers’, ’Mastering Your Message’ and ‘Strategy’ steps.

Your website’s content is written using a professional, empathic, relatable and conversion-focused language.

Visual Storytelling

Great design understands its goal: to tell the message and achieve the mission.

In this step, we create a custom design based on the narrative in the previous step, designed to express the story and encourage site conversions.

Empathic Follow-Up

Our manual outreach and follow-up is never the same every time. What’s the best we’ve ever done?

Monitor–and respond to–every page they visit, email they open, and link they click. Automate your responses so that every impression is your best impression.

In this step, we configure your base email marketing architecture, setting it up to engage your opt-ins automatically.

You receive a full ActiveCampaign account, where you have full access to add and edit your own emails alongside those we create for you.

Bulletproof Architecture

The difference between good code and bad code can be the difference between favorable SEO or being penalized, fast load times or slow, high user confidence or low, glitches or no glitches.

In this step, we develop your website using refined, tried-and-tested development processes that ensure great SEO, fast load-times, responsivety, and no glitches or hickups.

We’ve even bought the first step for you. Get the worksheet & 1on1 training, no-obligations:

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“A percentage of everything our clients invest in us goes straight to fighting human trafficking.
It's the fastest growing crime in the world.
Together, we can make a difference…”

Adam Fairhead
Fairhead Group

Standing out starts with understanding…

Who you’re talking to & what you’re saying to them.
Everything else is a distraction.

Get the worksheet & 1-on-1 training, no-obligations:

Here’s what’s included:

Objective-based customer targeting worksheet…

  • How to identify your #1 audience to target online (and where to find them),
  • How to approach them using their language (and what that language is,)
  • Keep this sheet with you to guide and refine all of your website’s new content.

Guide to getting into their circle (and kick out the competitors)…

  • Identify how your audience defines “insider” and “outsider”,
  • How to move from “outsider” to “insider” in any market,
  • How to ethically move your competitors from “insider” to “outsider”.

Video walkthroughs of both worksheets (plus sample content)…

  • See how we use and complete both of these worksheets for websites,
  • Follow along as you complete yours for even easier completion,
  • Easily accessible to refer back to in future if you amend your answers.

30 minute 1-on-1 ImpactCoaching deep-dive into your answers

  • Private consult with one of our trained coaches, dedicated to you for up to 30 min.
  • Work through your answers and dig even deeper with the help of your coach,
  • Create total clarity over how to find and attract your best customers.
$300 FREE

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